sign buying checklist

Buying a Sign?  – Save Time and Money – Use this Checklist Before You Buy

If your business, event, or organization needs one or many signs, you may need a little help.  Use this buying a sign checklist to help guide you through the multi-step process of updating existing signage or choosing, producing and installing new signage, and save yourself time and money in the process!

Buying A Sign Checklist Steps 1 and 2

1:  Print out this handy checklist and follow each step.

2:  If you are purchasing an exterior sign, contact the zoning bylaw department in your jurisdiction and get answers to the following questions:

What is the maximum size allowed for outdoor signs and how do I determine the square footage allowance?

What is the maximum height above ground allowed?

What are my set-back limitations if the sign will be installed near a road?

What kind of lighted signs am I allowed to have?

What information is required for a sign permit?

Buying a Sign Checklist Step 3

3:  Consider your company’s signage needs … Do you need:

Logo and Design Services

Main exterior identification signs

Building signs

Wayfinding signage

Welcome or entryway signs

Indoor signs for your lobby, and other locations

Vehicle graphics

A-Frames for announcing events, deadlines or community events


Trade show signs

Temporary signs for construction jobsites, or political events

Buying A Sign Checklist Step 4

4:  Hire a Sign Company:

Consult with the company regarding your signage requirements

Send your list of signage needs to the company

Determine who will remove and dispose of your old sign(s)

Determine who handles installation and/or wiring of the new, lighted sign – you or the sign company

Request a quote

Pay a deposit

Receive a design plan for approval by you, your landlord (if applicable), and city, town or county

Receive the permit

If digging is required, call your local utilities company, town, city, or county to confirm your installation location is free of utility lines

Prepare the site as required for installation

Buying A Sign Checklist Step 5 – Celebrate!

5:  Congratulations!  Your new sign will pay dividends in very cost effective advertising!

You have now successfully navigated one of the most important decisions for your business.  Choosing and erecting the right sign(s) for your business will contribute greatly to the success of your organization and/or event.