We are Canada’s one stop shop, capable of helping you with all your signage needs. We know that the choice of an effective sign will be one of the most important investments that you make into your business, event, or organization.  You can depend on National Sign Link for all types of signs and all sign related services. Regardless of whether it is a channel letter or post and panel sign, or whether it is business signage or event signage, the dividends that the right sign can bring to your bottom line cannot be overstated.

Knowing this, it is so important to make this choice carefully and with the right facts, support and assistance. At National Sign Link, we have the industry knowledge, connections, and dedication to help you. We can facilitate this process, making it seamless, and successful. Make use of our experience and expertise to ensure that the money you spend on your signage is money well spent.

The styles pages on our site will inform you as to the variety of sign products that you can mix and match to create the perfect branding solution for your building or space.

The purchase process may require considerable planning before and after the actual product selection is made, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to execute your plan.

There are many important considerations to address with regard to signage and below you will see a synopsis of all of the services that we offer. Before you are ready to order your new signage, you will want to address, or have National Sign Link deal with the following.


By-law Review – Establish what the municipal regulations are relative to the number of signs allowed, maximum size allowed, style restrictions, separation guidelines, documents required for the permit process, fees and engineering requirements if any.


Landlord Approval – You will need the property owner to approve the development before applying for a permit. A landlord may have specific signage criteria and approval processes which you will need to follow, so it is best to get landlord approval in writing, before beginning the sign design process. If you own the property then you will need to provide authorization of the development using the registered property holder name and address so that title can be verified.


Survey – Provide or obtain details about the exact positioning of the sign on the building and on the site. Predict and answer any questions that relate to accessibility, actual dimensions, wall construction, attachment, excavation, electrical service available, site plan or floor plan, property lines or lease lines and provide photos. Keep in mind that you or the property owner have an obligation to provide information that will flag hidden obstructions which can cause problems down the road.


Design – Plan your sign package so that it conforms to the municipal regulations and to your landlord’s guidelines. Provide National Sign Link with a drawing, design concept or basic information that will include logos, letter styles (fonts), exact colours required, layouts preferred, style of signs from our Styles’ pages, size required, material specification, whether the sign is illuminated or not. National Sign Link can work with your designer or can prepare designs for a fee. The more information available to the design team, the better. Revisions can be costly.


Quotation: Use the service request form to the right in combination with any other information directed to us on the Styles pages to have National Sign Link prepare a quotation based on your specific needs.


Permit: National Sign Link has permit facilitators that understand municipal processes throughout the country. Let these specialists deal with the different bylaws and interpretations to capture your approval to proceed.


Fabrication: Simply sign and return the quotation supplied by National Sign Link, return approved drawings that define the project, pay the prescribed deposit or accept negotiated payment terms and National Sign Link will do the rest.


Installation: National Sign Link has a network of experienced installation and service technicians that will provide you with concrete foundations, installations, removals, relocations, LED conversions and maintenance as required for your specific project. Simply arrange for your electrical contractor to energize the signs after they are installed and you are ready to face the world.


Maintenance: Products supplied and installed by National Sign Link have a one year parts and labour warranty. National Sign Link can arrange for service on existing signs but a minimum call out charge will apply and that will vary based on the location of the sign.

At National Sign Link we offer the above services in addition to signs, as a convenience to our clients, who would like to make use of them.  However we do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Therefore, any type of  signage products can be purchased with or without any of the additional services that we do offer.

Please keep in mind that we use local resources wherever possible and your investment helps support the community in which you have chosen to do business.

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